Deluxe Freeride

Ride comfort at the highest level

The new Freeride is the right board for those who want to freeride in luxury. Freeride doesn’t just mean relaxed cruising, but also includes big jumps and the first unhooked jumps.

The Deluxe Freeride was developed in close co-operation with the perfectionists from CARVED. The Freeride encapsulates decades of experience in building surf and kite boards – from the initial shape up to the final quality control checks on the finished product.

DELUXE Grab HandleDELUXE FinsDELUXE Fin PlateWe value the finest detail. The wood that you see is pure – no veneersDELUXE Pads/Straps

3D Shape
There are no steps on the deck that would interfere with the flex. The moderate, but not too flat, rocker line provides the basis for the perfect mix between control and early planing ability. The slightly flatter rocker line of the two big Freeride models, 141 and 150 centimeter, is optimized for early planning.
Full Wood Core
The wood core is not only the center piece of this elegant masterpiece – the wood core is responsible for the smooth flex. A harmonic flex co-ordination pattern can only be achieved with wood!
3D Control Rails
For perfect control and easy landing the majority of the rails are rounded and slightly tapered. At the tail the rails are kept sharp to provide for maximum grip at take-off plus control and comfort in choppy conditions.
Concave Bottom
The concave in the middle of the bottom contour allows for easier edging and improved control at high wind speeds.
High Quality
The top and bottom decks of the Freeride are covered with a scratch and UV resistant layer. This improves durability in the water and protects the board from daily wear and tear.